TRAVELDEW Features Gary Roberson In Article 

Here is the main excerpt from the above-mentioned article. The original article contains a question and answers session with Gary Roberson on Indiana Caverns.

Gary Roberson – CEO and developer of Indiana Caverns

Gary Roberson crawled into his first cave on his first Boy Scout camping trip as a Tenderfoot scout in 1958. He became an active caver the day he received his driver’s license and began mapping in the Binkley cave system in 1967 while attending Vanderbilt University, where he graduated with a business major.

Gary’s first real job was as an investment analyst for Capital Holding in Louisville, which allowed him to continue exploring caves in southern Indiana. He developed Squire Boone Caverns, his first show cave adventure 1971-73, then purchased Marengo Cave with three others in 1973. Roberson left Capital Holding to become manager of Marengo Cave National Landmark in 1974 -a position which he held for 28 years. Gary became a Christian in 1980, which revolutionized his world-view. He sold his half of Marengo Cave in 2001 and returned to working on the Binkley cave survey and looking for a way to develop part of it as a show cave.

Roberson began the development of Indiana Caverns in 2012. It opened to the public in 2013 and Gary continues on their as CEO today. Gary has written three books about his explorations in the Binkley cave system, its development, and geology. He is married to his life and business partner, Laura. They have two grown children. While Gary is reaching the age where he can no longer participate in the long grueling survey trips to the far reaches of the Binkley cave system, he continues to find ways to facilitate and participate actively in the ongoing project in one of America’s most significant caves.