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Schools and School Groups

Learn about the diverse ecosystems at Indiana Caverns ~ 

Schools love our group tours!

Experience an environment that includes cave formations, a waterfall, unique cave life, and Ice Age fossils! Discover how the cave was formed, and how it was discovered by explorers. PLUS, ride a boat on an underground stream.

Call 9-4 Monday through Friday to schedule a visit.

our schools and school group tours include

Diverse Ecosystems

Indiana Caverns is considered one of the top biologic “Hot Spots” for cave life. 

Learn about some of the over 20 different forms of life that live only in caves!

Ice Age bones

Our Ice Age Fossils are renowned in Indiana. In fact, some of the Ice Age Fossils on display in Indiana State Museum were excavated from Indiana Caverns!

Come and see a paleontological dig in process to discover where these ancient bones have been found.

Groups, homeschool, and school tours at Indiana Caverns welcome center.

Interpretive Exhibits

Learn about the vast Binkley Cave System with maps to learn just how far this cave stretches beneath the surface.

Additional activities and Add ons

  • We make student purchases simple at our gift shop by bagging them up so you can give them out once they return to school.
  • Groups of 40+ students can schedule extra free activities, including Information Station activities, self-guided Karst Interpretive Trail, and Woodland Nature Trail. Call to discuss which options may be right for your group.

Gemstone Mining

Sluice through your own bag of sand and rocks to discover treasures. Identify the gemstones, fossils, and more. See more about Gemstone Mining here!

Cavern of the Sabertooth

Wondering what it’s like to explore a cave? This fun activity gives students a fun and safe way to experience “caving” without the mud!

Bat Chaser

Part zip line, part roller coaster, totally fun! This wild ride is fun and exciting, as students can ride the Bat Chaser and fly high above the cave park with their feet dangling!

  • Must Be At least 75 pounds and 52 inches.
  • You currently have to be at least 75 pounds, but no greater than 260.
  • You also need to be at least 52 inches (4′, 4″), but no greater than 79 inches (6′, 7″).

Call For Pricing

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Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park Is Perfect For Schools and School Groups of all ages

Pricing by grade level

Call (812) 734-1200 In Advance To Reserve Your Schools Group Adventure

At These Discounted Group Prices! 

All field trips include one teacher or paid school staff member FREE per 10 students. Parent chaperones are $18.

The bus driver is always FREE. There is ample parking for buses and parents.

cave tour

grade level

Per person



College Students


High School • Grades 9-12


Grades K-8


gemstone mining

$4-Red Bag



Advanced reservations required to properly accommodate larger school groups. 

Call Monday-Friday 9:00AM-4:00PM to make reservations 10-14 Days in advance. 

 Tickets for Schools and school groups are not available for online purchase 

Groups, homeschool, and school tours at Indiana Caverns welcome center.
Groups, homeschool, and school tours at Indiana Caverns Sabertooth.
Two goats being hand fed in the Pygmy Playground at Indiana Caverns
Group of boys and girls mining for gemstones and fossils at Indiana Caverns

Schools And School Group Tours FAQs

What if it is raining?

Open rain or shine!

Rain makes the cave even more beautiful! Our cave tours are still open even with the rain. Our staff can modify your group’s schedule of outdoor activities in the event of rain.

Can I buy tickets online?

Give us a call!

For Schools and School Group Tours we prefer you to give us a call two weeks or more in advance, so we can adequately accommodate you for the best experience.

Can groups split up to save on time?

You sure can!

Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park has something for everyone including cave tours, riding on Bat Chaser, plummeting on the Plunge, panning for gemstones, and more. Give us a call at (812) 734-1200 and we can help arrange an itinerary for your group’s day of fun at Indiana Caverns. 

How long is the Cave Tour?

On Average

80 minutes

Time times may vary from 75-90 minutes depending on the size of the tour, walking ability and even the questions asked. Visit our tour pages for tour distance, boat ride time, depth, and other tour-related information.

Do I Need A Jacket?

If You wish!

56 Degrees 

The cave is 56 degrees year round-like a pleasant spring or fall afternoon. You may appreciate a jacket or long sleeves during the underground boat ride. Good walking shoes are recommended. However, most anything without high heels should be fine. Thong sandals and flip flops are not suitable.

Who can go on a cave tour?

Not sure? Call!

People Of All Ages Are Able To Enjoy The Cave Tour. 

Although Indiana Caverns is not wheelchair accessible, almost anyone who can walk unassisted and do stairs at home should be able to enjoy the tour.

Elevation Details

There are 110 feet of elevation change in Indiana Caverns. Visitors must be able to walk up ramps and several sections of stairs to get to the boat ride portion of the tour. There are handrails throughout. After the boat ride, it's back up the way you came via several sections of stairs and a ramp.

Small Children or Infants

We have children of all ages do the tour. They must be carried in a front carrier for the cave tour if they cannot yet walk. Strollers, back carriers, and large diaper bags are not allowed; remember, there is no place to change the baby once in the cave.

Please enjoy your drinks and snacks before the tour—no food, drink, or snacks allowed in the cave.

most popular group Activities?

That depends...

On the ages of those in the group of course! 

Our cave tour is often combined with Gemstone Mining for school-age groups, while teens and adults enjoy combining the tour and the Bat Chaser. Don't forget to ask about our Escape Rooms for the 12+ age group!

How many is too many?

the more the merrier!

In general 100-200 is maximum at one time. 

However, larger groups can be split up to stagger through in different time periods. We offer other outdoor activities that can be done while the other part of the group waits for the cave tour.

Give us a call and we can discuss the details. We strive to provide the best experience possible for our guests. 

Do you have a picnic area?

We sure do!

Our shelter house can seat up to 80 at one time. 

We also have picnic tables scattered around the shelter house and we have a large fire ring for group gatherings. 

Do you offer any Free activities?

Yes! Can you believe it?

  • Our karst interpretive trail is available year-round as is the Wooded Nature Trail. 
  • We have several exhibits in the Welcome Center that we discuss with groups that are split into groups of approximately 18. 
  • For schools, we offer several “Information Station” activities free of charge, combined with tours and gem mining.