Gary Roberson Autobiography 

A story of how one ordinary man can accomplish the extraordinary.

“With the water rushing around me and my face only inches from the right wall, the first twinges of panic began to creep across my mind. I suddenly realized at 64 years, old decades past my caving prime, maybe this time I had pushed my limits too far.”

Indiana Caverns founder, Gary Roberson and his new book.

Gary's autobiography chronicles a lifetime of hair-raising adventures in Indiana’s longest cave system—Binkley Cave. You will find his intimate memoir a most riveting and irresistible read as you join his journey from the first time crawling into a cave at age 11 as a tenderfoot Boy Scout, to over 50 years later laying devoid of energy, half-pinned in The Grand Ripper.

A personal friend, who is one of the only people to preview part of the book, put it this way, “I have not put it down till just now... It is better than any fiction or non-fiction book I have ever read".

This story is not just about challenging nature and outwitting the odds for over 50 years. It also chronicles a genuinely crazy romance. In spite of all it cost her personally, without the help and unwavering support of the woman who stood by him, the development of three of Indiana’s show caves, and one of the US’s largest canoe liveries would not have happened --- or would have certainly failed miserably.

“I have not put it down till just now... It is better than any fiction or non-fiction book I have ever read".

Gary’s life story is a somewhat unbelievable quirky tale of grace and redemption. It reveals how God is available to walk beside you through every storm and every drama that life throws at you. With God, the seemingly impossible, becomes possible. As you follow his improbable journey, you may understand why his whole life has been A God Project.

About Gary

Gary has previously written three well received books, all of which are directly related to the Binkley Cave Project. Gary is an over 50-year member and Fellow of the National Speleological Society, a recipient of the coveted Louis D. Lamon Award for Indiana cavers, and the 2000 Vista Award by the State of Indiana for Professional Achievement. Enjoy the journey!

Gary's book can be purchased in the Gift Shop at Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park or online at Amazon.