Sabertooth - Indiana Caverns

Cavern of the Sabertooth

where kids get a taste of cave exploration

Wondering what it’s like to explore a cave? This fun activity gives kids a fun and safe way to experience “caving” without the mud! Gear up with a sturdy caver’s helmet, light, and gloves (all provided). Crawl underground 400 mudless feet on your hands and knees. Experience the Sabertooth’s Lair with golden skulls and more and get a taste of what cave exploring is like.

Girls outside of Sabertooth Caving Activity
Group enjoying the Sabertooth Caving Activity

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will enjoy the Sabertooth Crawl

Kids age 6+  

Great fun for kids 6 and older who are not afraid of exploring in the dark on their own. Children under 6 will need a parent or older sibling who can crawl 375 feet on their hands and knees.

Do I need any equipment?


We supply a sturdy helmet with light and knee pads for adults. Have fun!