Plunge - Indiana Caverns

The Plunge

50-Foot Quick Drop Experience

Are you feeling adventurous? Want to try something new? Come to Indiana Caverns Family Adventure Park and try our “plunge” attraction, The Plunge, a 50-foot quick drop experience will have you pumping with adrenaline and excitement. Plummet before safely coming to a rest on your feet. The unique system of the Plunge safely allows you the maximum thrill of a free fall without the recoil of a bungee by using a controlled descent. 

The Plunge is weather dependent with height and weight restrictions that apply. Check our FAQ’s for all the details!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age and weight limits?

Age 8 and between 50 to 280 pounds.

For your safety, you must be at least 8 years old to drop on the Plunge. You also must be at least 50 pounds but no more than 280 pounds to ride. 

What is there to do nearby?

A Whole Lot  

There is a great selection of shopping and dining options, wineries, hotels, cabins, and bed & breakfasts all within 10 minutes of the cavern. Check out for nearby attractions and things to do. 

Can I buy tickets online?

Not for The Plunge.

This attraction is currently being offered as a $10 add-on to any package that includes the Bat Chaser, or you can purchase a ticket by itself for $15. We do not currently allow these tickets to be purchased online. So please stop in our Welcome Center when you arrive to purchase your tickets.